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Aromatherapy 101: The Nose Knows

Your nose is underrated, according to science. Besides being an excellent way to identify wet dog and wasabi, your olfactory sense is a direct path to your brain—emotions, memories, even the chemical toolbox your brain uses to keep your body healthy.

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Frankincense – The Perfect Oil to Use All Year

Are you packing away your holiday decorations and taking down the lights? Wait! There is one holiday essential you shouldn’t pack up just yet—your certified organic Frankincense essential oil. Sure, this holiday superstar makes an excellent addition

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Top 6 Essential Oils for 2020

The beginning of a new year—a new decade, in fact—has such a feeling of possibility. It’s like having your pen poised over a blank page, waiting for a new history to be written. While nobody can know exactly what’s destined for the coming year,

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Essential Oil Testing – Purity, Potency and Even Perfectionism

Ready for a quick pop quiz? Pencils down … it only has one (important) question—what is the best essential oil company, and why? You might have thought you’d left tests behind when you finished high school chemistry. But don’t sweat this one—this

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The Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for health and healing for more than 6,000 years. Dating back as far as 4500BC, ancient Egypt, Greece, Persia, and other regions were renowned for their aromatic oils. Today, essential oils are commonly used in therapeutic

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A Welcome Impostor – Minty Wintergreen

In a world full of plastics, paint and fiberglass it can be difficult to be a person with a passion for the truly authentic. But there is something so connecting about real wood, hard stone, veined leaf and soft petal that makes the pursuit worth the

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Teens and Better Mornings with Essential Oils

If you’ve ever shared a house with a teenager (bless you and your cardiovascular health), then you’ll understand the challenge of trying and getting their lanky, unreasonably long limbs untangled from blankets and balanced on their colossal feet

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Travel Easier with the Benefits of Essential Oils

Unless you’ve somehow tapped into Captain Kirk’s teleportation technology, travel is not easy. It’s never fun to stay cramped for hours behind a steering wheel or belted into a tiny and remarkably uncomfortable airline seat. It only gets more challenging

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