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If you’re looking for a safe and effective CBD product for your pet, you’re in the right place. Made with the same integrity and attention to detail as our human CBD products, our pet range is unlike anything else on the market.

If you’re not yet familiar with the benefits of CBD for your furry loved ones, check out our Top 10 reasons to give your pets CBD below…

N8 Essentials focuses on primary sources that use sustainable farming practices – no pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides. N8’s organic CBD products are third-party batch-tested to ensure there is zero THC and no adulterants. We choose products that contain only quality hemp ingredients – no synthetics, GMOs, artificial additives or thinning agents. This means every purchase from N8 Essentials is a vote for the planet as well as for the health and well-being of your body and your family.

Broad-spectrum hemp oil is a natural product extracted from the hemp plant. N8 Essential’s CBD oil comes from organic hemp grown in Colorado. We use an extraction method to preserve the full profile of natural constituents with no solvents, heavy metals or pesticides. All our finished product batches are chromatography tested to ensure that no residual THC remains and that our standards for quality and profile have been met.

Broad-spectrum hemp oil contains dozens of cannabinoids, but the most abundant is CBD. In fact, CBD makes up over 85% of the cannabinoid content in broad-spectrum hemp oil. Many people prefer broad-spectrum oil to isolated or synthetic CBD for something called the “entourage effect.” Isolated and synthetic products just don’t work as well to favor the body and mind as when all the natural constituents from the plant are working as a whole. The variety of compounds found in broad-spectrum hemp oil are a bigger benefit in that they work in tandem to magnify each therapeutic property. Like an ecosystem, the complex mix of cannabinoids, nutrients, proteins, and healthy fats work together to promote and magnify each individual benefit.

Just like humans, dogs and cats also have an endocannabinoid system that functions much in the same way as the human ECS. CBD interacts with your pets’ nervous system in the brain and throughout the body. The most appropriate delivery system for CBD is one that provides an optimal experience for your pets.

N8 Essentials has focused on producing products that make handling pain and stress easier for your pets. The Soft Chews make the perfect treat, and the spray means that you don’t have to struggle with your pet for application. The onset of effects with the pet spray is a little slower than with other items that are ingested.

When giving your pets our CBD-rich products for the first time, we recommend starting slow. When you are ready for your pet to use the product generally, consider adding a little more for several days. Observe the effects and, if necessary, adjust the ratio or amount.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is CBD right for my pets?
Will CBD make my pet feel “high?”

Absolutely not. All of our CBD products are 100% THC Free. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the compound in marijuana responsible for a “high” feeling.

Is CBD safe for both dogs and cats?

CBD products are absolutely safe for your dog as they are non-toxic and offers a relaxing stimulant and pain-relief effects. Cannabinoids come from the hemp oil (or hemp seed oil) and leave out most if not all of the THC making it a safe supplement for your pet.

What happens if my pet takes ‘too much’ CBD?

The amount of CBD you should give your dog depends on a lot of things like weight, your dog’s personal sensitivity to it, and whether you are giving it for behavioral problems, such as anxiety. If more than the suggested amount is consumed, there is a possibility of a few side effects, most commonly including lethargy, lack of coordination. There are no known long term effects so it’s considered generally safe, even in high doses. Please contact your veterinarian if you think your pet might be having an adverse reaction of any kind.

Do you test your products for quality and safety?

Yes, N8 Essentials tests and bottles CBD oil in its own USDA and GMP certified facility and has in-house Ph.D. chemists to ensure the best quality and formulation.

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