N8 Essentials

Essential Benefit Rewards Program

N8 Essentials wants to thank our Preferred Customers and Advisors who choose to enhance their daily lives with our certified organic oils.

  • For Preferred Customers and Advisors who order monthly, the N8 Essentials Benefit Rewards program recognizes them with credits toward free products.
  • From month one, Preferred Customers and Advisors are eligible to earn a percentage back on Essential Benefit Rewards orders. This benefit accumulates in reward points. Points can be redeemed for free products.
  • Earn up to 25 percent of the benefit volume of your order in reward points.
Every Month Your Order Increases Your Benefit Value

Earning Essential Benefit Rewards Is Easy

  • Enroll as a Preferred Customer or Advisor
  • Select your favorite N8 Essentials products
  • Set your order date between the 1st and 20th of every month
  • Make sure your order qualifies you to increase your rewards percentage
  • Watch your rewards grow
  • Your Essential Benefit Rewards order will ship automatically to your doorstep.

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Increase Your Essential Benefit Rewards Percentage
by Consistently Placing a Monthly Order

Things to know about Essential Benefit Rewards Program:
  • You can change your order every month to fit your household’s needs
  • A monthly Essential Benefit Rewards order of 50 BV or more keeps you on track for increasing reward percentages
  • An Essential Benefit Rewards order between 1 BV – 49 BV will maintain your earning percentage
  • Your points won’t evaporate if you miss a month!
  • If you skip a month, your reward percentage resets to 10%
  • Your Essential Benefit Rewards points can be applied to your order but will decrease the BV of the items ordered
  • There is no redemption fee. Your benefit value and points have no cash value and are non-transferable
  • Essential Benefit Rewards are available to redeem for 1 calendar year

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