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What is Hemp Extract?

Hemp Extract is a natural chemical component that comes from the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant. Two commonly recognized compounds from this plant are THC and Hemp Extract. THC is the chemical that induces psychoactive effects and causes users to experience a "high."

THC has been removed from our Hemp Extract so it’s not psychoactive and can’t cause a high. The zero-THC version N8 Essentials uses is called Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract which has multiple physical and mental benefits. Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract works with the extensive network of natural receptors found in the human body that help maintain wellness and general physical processes. In essence, it supports the body’s efforts to maintain good health.

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract works to:

N8 Essentials focuses on primary sources that use sustainable farming practices – no pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides. N8’s organic Hemp Extract products are third-party batch-tested to ensure the absence of THC and contaminants. We choose products that contain only quality hemp ingredients – no synthetics, GMOs, artificial additives or thinning agents. This means every purchase from N8 Essentials is a vote for the planet as well as for the health and well-being of your body and your family.

Broad spectrum hemp extract is a natural oil extracted from the hemp plant. N8 Essential’s Hemp Extract oil comes from organic hemp grown in Colorado. We use an extraction method to preserve the full profile of natural constituents without using solvents, heavy metals or pesticides. All our finished product batches are chromatography-tested to ensure that no residual THC remains. And, that our standards for quality and profile have been met.

Broad spectrum Hemp Oil contains dozens of phytocompounds, but the most abundant is Hemp Extract. In fact, Hemp Extract makes up over 85% of the phytocompound content in Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil. Many people prefer Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract to isolated (Isolate) or synthetic Hemp Extract for something called the “entourage effect.” Isolated and synthetic products just don’t work as well as when all the natural components from the plant are working as a whole. The variety of components found in broad spectrum hemp oil work in tandem to magnify each therapeutic property. Like an ecosystem, the complex mix of phytocompounds, nutrients, proteins and healthy fats work together to promote and magnify each individual benefit.

Hemp Extract interacts with your body’s nervous system in the brain and throughout the body. Hemp Extract products can be applied topically or ingested. Most people prefer an option that is easy, customizable and can be used with flexibility. For this reason, N8 Essentials concentrated on a series of topical products that allow for that flexibility with lotions, salves and roll on blends. The effects of topically administered Hemp Extract-rich products can last for hours or longer.

When you use our Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract-rich products for the first time, we recommend starting slowly. For oil blends and lotions, apply the product to a small area and wait a few hours to test for sensitivity. Be careful not to overdo it. Hemp Extract compounds have properties that make low and high doses of the same substance sometimes produce opposite effects. Small doses of Hemp Extract tend to stimulate, large doses sedate.

Hemp Extract has no known adverse side effects, but an excessive amount of Hemp Extract could be less effective than a moderate dose. When you're ready to use the product generally, consider applying in the evening to allow the lotion to better absorb into the skin overnight. Use the same dose and ratio for several days. Observe the effects and if necessary, adjust the ratio or amount. You may apply it to any area of the body, but avoid contact with the eyes, mucous membranes and especially sensitive areas of the skin.

Arctic Gel Roll On

Arctic Gel Lotion Roll On 200mg

Muscles feeling sore? Our Arctic Gel's icy tingling sensation promises to soothe quickly! A unique
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Nature's Relief Broad Spectrum Lotion 200mg

Soothe tired muscles and aching joints quickly. Nothing feels better after working outdoors or playing
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Peppermint Broad Spectrum Lotion 200mg

Rejuvenate muscles and joints quickly with this fresh Peppermint scented hemp extract lotion. We infused our
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N8 Salve 1000mg 2oz

N8 Hemp Extract 2oz Salve 1000mg

Potent and fast. Helps promote relief for aching muscles and sore joints. Easy to take
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Salve 500 mg hemp extract

N8 Hemp Extract Salve 500mg

Potent and fast. Helps promote relief for aching muscles and sore joints. The perfect size
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N8 Essentials Nature's Relief Roll On

Nature's Relief Broad Spectrum Roll On 100mg

Target soreness quickly and naturally with our Nature's Relief Roll On. USDA Certified Organic Essential
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Hemp Extract Peppermint Roll On

Peppermint Broad Spectrum Roll On 100mg

The N8 Essentials Peppermint Roll On is an exhilarating combination of USDA Certified Organic Peppermint
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Tranquil Hemp Extract Roll On

Tranquil Broad Spectrum Roll On 100mg

Our Tranquil Roll On contains a soothing blend of USDA Certified Organic Essential Oils and
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N8 Kit

Welcome to the world of certified organic essential oils! This essential oil kit will get
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