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Make it Quick

Make it Quick: Find Time to Enjoy a Spa Experience at Home


Television people go to the spa – I’ve seen it. On TV, a silver-haired goddess lays sprawled across a chenille-covered table with an orchid tucked behind one ear and gray river stones piled carefully down her spine. People move quietly off screen, preparing a gold-flake face mask, burning sprigs of rosemary and adjusting the kismet spirit for maximum karma harmony. It seems nice.

My spa moments are more likely to be a good foot rub from my husband in exchange for control of the remote. But I’m not complaining. Just because I don’t have the time or the bank account required for the full-on spa experience doesn’t mean I don’t find a few minutes to use my essential oil collection to pamper myself and renew my body.

Whether you are squeezing five minutes between dinner and dishes, or taking an entire Saturday afternoon for yourself, there is time to create a spa-experience at home.

5 minutes: For angel-soft skin, use an essential oil sugar scrub to exfoliate hand, feet and face for a shower. In a container blend a handful of sugar with a dribble of natural oil (olive, coconut, almond) and 2-3 drops of certified organic orange essential oil. Mix well and rub across just-damp skin. Massage gently with fingertips in a circular motion. Rinse and remove excess oil with a little soap and warm water.

10 minutes: Take down the puff in your face and nourish your skin with an all-natural cucumber gel (recipe below). Use aloe vera, certified organic peppermint essential oil and freshly extracted cucumber juice to soothe inflamed or irritated areas.

20 minutes: Massage your own feet – they are, after all, the most put-upon part of your body. Even if you don’t want to shell out for an expensive massage, give your tootsies a quick daily rub down with your favorite essential oil – certified organic lavender is lovely and effective just before bed, and helps you to ease into sleep. Be sure and hit the pressure points on the bottom of your feet, and to stretch your toes back and forth to loosen tight tendons.

60 minutes: For a luxurious and relaxing soak, combine 5 drops of our deeply calming certified organic Tranquil blend with a cup of whole milk. Fill your tub with steaming water and add the milk blend (the fat in the milk helps to disperse the essential oils in the water and is good for your skin). Enjoy the benefits of this delicious and velvety scent to release stress and find emotional grounding.

Recipe: Cool as a Cucumber Spa Gel

Blend the cucumber with a food processor until liquid. Strain through a fine sieve and discard the pulp. In a small bowl combine the aloe vera, essential oil and 2 Tbsp cucumber juice. Whisk well until combined (adding more or less aloe vera to get a consistency you like). Put in the fridge to set for around one hour. Apply to irritated or inflamed skin for soothing and calming. Be careful not to put near eyes. Will keep for up to 4 weeks if refrigerated.

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