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Making Your Home Clean

Making Your Home Clean and Fresh with Grapefruit

Are you tired of using harmful and expensive chemicals to clean your home? It might be time to try using certified organic grapefruit oil to assist you with some cleaning tasks around home. This fresh and cheerful aroma does much more than smell good and help energize people. It can be used to combat grime, mold, hard water stains, and tile cleaner.

Grapefruit essential oil from N8 Essentials is a USDA Certified Organic Oil. What’s amazing about citrus oil is that extraction of the oil comes from the rind of the fruit, or the peel. This oil is very cleansing and uplifting for the body and home.

Did you know a simple non-toxic cleaner for sinks and showers can be made with only three ingredients at a fraction of the cost of regular cleaners?  Baking soda, sea salt, and certified organic grapefruit oil can be mixed together and make a fabulous bathroom cleaner in the home. Try 1 cup of baking soda, 2 to 3 tablespoons of sea salt, and 20-25 drops of grapefruit oil. Put into a small glass container and mix well. Prepare the surface by rinsing water on the area first. Immediately after, use a sponge to apply the mixture on the sink or shower. If the area you are cleaning is heavily soiled, leave the recipe on for 30 minutes. Then take a damp sponge and scrub well. Rinse with warm water and dry if desired.

Looking to do some more cleaning around the home? Try these great home cleaning recipes to lower your toxic load around the house.

Mold Eliminator Spray:

Fruit and Produce Cleanser:

Soak for 15 minutes, making sure all the produce is covered. Increase the water if needed. For softer fruits and vegetables, only soak for 10 minutes.

Dry if desired and the fruit and vegetables are ready to eat.

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