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The small amount of humidity the diffuser generates will eliminate dry weather static electricity inside your car. No more wintertime shocks when you get in your vehicle!

N8 Car Diffuser

N8 Car Diffuser

Take your favorite scents with you

50 milliliter 12v plug diffuser. Use in your vehicle by plugging into your 12v plug. This little diffuser will chug away while you are zooming around town on errands or keep you from feeling drowsy on a long drive.

The N8 Essentials Car Diffuser has a simple touch button to turn the diffuser on and off. It has a 2-hour run time with an automatic shut-off. Just refill with water a few drops of your favorite N8 essential oil to fill your car with the protecting and purifying powers of N8 Essentials organic essential oil. Add Protect Blend to your diffuser during cold and flu season, Lemon essential oil when you are hauling little athletes and their gear or Bergamot during your daily commute.

Clean the atomizing plate as needed with an alcohol dipped cotton swab. Please do not touch the atomizer plate with fingers or essential oils.

Diffusing essential oils in your airspace is a great way to create a desired ambience. When you refresh your airspace with essential oils, you do more than simply impart a pleasant aroma. Essential oils allow you to care for your air with the benefits they provide. For example, eucalyptus creates a protecting atmosphere, lavender inspires calm and relaxation, tea tree purifies and lemon cleanses. With essential oils, you can care for your air and in turn, your air will care for you. Ultrasonic diffusers use sonic waves to create a more delicate mist containing microscopic droplets of essential oil and water. The diffusion is visible as curling tendrils of fog, which adds another dimension of aesthetic appeal.

Diffusion in its purest sense, is a process wherein the volatile molecules of essential oils intermingle with the surrounding air molecules. Whatever the method, essential oil will provide noticeable aroma when applied to your airspace. Check the directions included with your diffuser for specific use and dilution recommendations. Adjust the amount of essential oils accordingly.

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