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N8 Sensual Collection


The Oils:

Certified Organic Ginger
Certified Organic Patchouli
Cerified Organic Ylang Ylang

N8 Sensual Collection

Intensifies passion and connections

This trio of essential oils has been specially chosen to enhance you and your partner’s sensual encounters. These three essential oils can be used aromatically to stimulate the limbic system and get your partner into an intimate mood for a romantic evening. Mix these oils with our organic sweet almond oil to magnify your partner’s desire, passion and sensation. The N8 Sensual Collection will not only bring you and your partner closer, but will increase your drive for longer and more fulfilling encounters. These certified organic essential oils can be used singly or combined in a diffuser or massage oil to heighten libido and passion.

These certified organic essential oils can be used separately and together to promote a healthy and active sex life. Adding the N8 Sensual Collection essential oils to your romance making can enhance your sensual experience for years to come.

Ginger certified organic essential oil’s warming properties increase circulation and warm up your desire. Whether diffused or diluted with massage oil Ginger heats up bare skin and your libido.

Patchouli certified organic essential oil is a powerful attraction oil that has an earthy, slightly sweet scent that has been used to enhance romance all over the world.

Ylang Ylang certified organic essential oil’s properties and fragrance are as exotic as its name. Ylang ylang’s been used to calm nerves and boost libido in many tropical cultures.

Sweet almond certified organic carrier oil is a universal favorite of massage therapists because it glides easily over the skin. Absorption rate is important in massage therapy and almond oil absorbs easily, but not too quickly, so it does not have to be reapplied often. It is perfect for revitalizing any skin type. Rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, it is easily absorbed and does not feel greasy or clog pores. Almond oil in used for its conditioning effect on skin and hair. It is moisturizing and packed with vitamin E. When applied to hair, it adds shine and softens the entire hair shaft. Almond oil is excellent for DIY beauty projects, it is nearly tasteless and colorless and is liquid at room temperature.

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Ideas for Use:

Use a few drops of each or all three oils on pulse points to increase desire

A drop of ginger added to almond oil and massaged into the skin creates a warming sensation

Spritz a linen spray of patchouli, alcohol and water on sheets

Diffuse Ylang Ylang to create a relaxing and seductive bedroom

Sensual Diffuser Recipe:

1 drop Ginger organic essential oil
1 drop Ylang Ylang organic essential oil,
1 drop Patchouli organic essential oil.

Va Va Voom! Diffuser Recipe:

2 drops Ginger organic essential oil
1 drop Ylang Ylang organic essential oil
3 drops Orange organic essential oil.

Spice it Up Diffuser Recipe:

2 drops Sandalwood organic essential oil 1 drop Orange organic essential oil 3 drop Ginger organic essential oil.

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