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Sweet Almond Oil


Sweet Almond Oil

4 oz

Cold pressed organic sweet almond oil is an excellent emollient with skin softening and reconditioning properties. A favorite of massage therapists, sweet almond oil has little to no smell, is liquid at room temperature and is nearly colorless. Its absorption rate is just right for massage, not too quickly but it does absorb into skin without greasy residue. You can use this wonderful gift from nature for massage, homemade skin care products and many other do-it-yourself creams and lotions.

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Certified organic sweet almond carrier oil can help to heal superficial skin irritations. It is non-comedogenic and non-greasy and is an excellent oil for skin care. It can be used on sensitive skin, mature skin an acne-prone skin. It boosts collagen production which promotes a smooth, youthful complexion. Sweet almond oil is excellent for hair and scalp care, hydratingthe scalp and smoothing the hair’s cuticle. It is also very good for your nails and their cuticles. Moisturizing sweet almond oil’s vitamin, minerals and proteins soften brittle nails. Organic sweet almond carrier oil is a wonderful oil for mixing with your N8 Essentials essential oils for everyday applications and do-it-yourself skin care and beauty products.

Fun Fact

It takes 1,000 pounds of almonds to make 1 pint of almond oil. Almonds are in the Rose family and related to plums and peaches.


This cold-pressed carrier oil should be stored in a cool, dark place to achieve maximum shelf life. Individuals with allergies to tree nuts, almonds, and peaches are at a higher risk of developing an allergy to sweet almond oil and should avoid its use.

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