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  • Say hello to the sweet and refreshing aroma of Ylang Ylang, prepared with the best essential oils for fragrance and personal wellness benefits. Ylang Ylang oil is potent in soothing stress and fatigue and providing a calming relief from anxiety and hypertension. It also supports your immune and digestive systems and also has several applications in skin and body care. ✅ Anxiety and stress relief ✅ Supports the immune system ✅ Relieves pain and swelling
  • Liven up your health with the sweet and minty goodness of Wintergreen, formulated with pure organic essential oils, following the latest extraction practices. A popular essential oil for immune and muscle aid, Wintergreen is rich in anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties and also promotes healthier skin and teeth. ✅ Relieves muscle cramps and pain ✅ Promotes natural immunity ✅ Aids digestion
  • Immerse yourself in the earthy and woody freshness of vetiver, prepared with the best organic essential oils in the USA. Vetiver oil relaxes and uplifts your mind and helps get rid of negative thoughts and energy. It is also rich in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics. ✅ Stress and anxiety relief ✅ Promotes deeper sleep ✅ Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory
  • Say hello to the deeply relaxing and calming aura of the best organic essential oils in the USA with our Tranquil Blend. Experience a natural relief from anxiety, daily stress, and fatigue, along with a marked rise in attention and focus. Use it topically or in a diffuser to experience multiple wellness benefits. ✅ Relieves stress and anxiety ✅ Promotes a deep, sound sleep ✅ Improves mental clarity
  • Experience the spicy and herbaceous goodness of all-natural organic essential oils with our Thyme Certified Organic Essential Oil. Besides aromatherapy, thyme oil abounds in antibacterial and antifungal properties and supports your immune system. It also soothes muscle and joint pains and has various skin and hair care benefits. ✅ Antibacterial and antifungal ✅ Muscle and joint pain relief ✅ Supports the immune system
  • Support and nourish your health with the revitalizing freshness of tea tree, made with high-quality organic essential oils. Tea tree oil, also known as melaleuca oil, is much sought-after for its antibacterial, antiseptic, and antifungal characteristics. It also has a range of applications in cosmetics and skin and body care. ✅ Antibacterial and antifungal ✅ Immune and muscle aid ✅ Respiratory benefits
  • Also called the ‘Queen of Herbs’, the basil plant is known for its medicinal as well as culinary uses. Made from USDA certified essential oils, the N8 Essentials Sweet Basil Essential Oil not only has a sweet and herbaceous fragrance but is also effective in reducing muscle pains, ensuring better sleep, moisturizing skin, and a lot more. ✅100% Organic And Natural Basil Oil ✅Best For Skin Care ✅Effective Deodorizer
  • Rejuvenate your day with the sweet and woody fragrance of sandalwood, crafted from the best essential oils for fragrance. Sandalwood essence is favored widely for its efficacy in uplifting moods, boosting spirits, and soothing anxiety and stress. Additionally, it supports nerve functioning and has various skincare and overall well-being advantages. ✅ Anxiety and stress relief ✅ Aids the nervous system ✅ Skin and body care
  • Embrace the herbaceous and woody aura of rosemary, prepared with the best essential fragrance oils from all-natural organic sources. Rosemary oil is rich in antibacterial and antifungal properties and supports your immune and respiratory systems. It also has a wide range of applications in skincare and aromatherapy. ✅ Relieves pain and swelling ✅ Promotes healthy breathing ✅ Supports the immune system
  • Discover a world where nature meets science with our Protect Certified Organic Essential Oil Blend. Prepared with the most potent essential oils for antibacterial and antimicrobial capabilities, it strengthens your body’s natural defense against diseases and germs and has a wide variety of skin and healthcare applications. ✅ Antibacterial and antifungal ✅ Supports the immune system ✅ Natural cleaner and sanitizer
  • Please note: We have relocated and are working on certifying our new facility.  This product does not have the certified organic seal on it, but it is the exact same product we sold as certified organic previously. We are offering it at a reduced price until we complete certification of the new facility. Dive into the reviving freshness of Peppermint, made with the best quality essential oils for fragrance and health benefits. Organic peppermint oil has a sweet and minty scent with a cooling after-effect. It soothes muscle cramps and stiffness in the joints. It also promotes healthy skin and hair and can also act as a potent insect repellant. ✅ Natural pain reliever ✅ Skin and hair care ✅ Insect repellant
  • The new 3000mg Tincture is our highest CBD potency product. Our minty and fresh Peppermint 3000mg (67mg per serving) Tincture is flavored with USDA certified organic Peppermint essential oil.


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