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Taco Tuesday Trouble | N8 Essentials

Taco Tuesday Trouble: Essential Oils for Digestive Support

There’s a cute little place just down the street from work that serves the best tacos in the history of Mexican food. They zip out little plates of warm tortilla topped with succulent chopped meat, crisp diced onions, fragrant cilantro and a fiery dollop of green or red salsa. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, tacos are half price. The little devils are so small that I usually order ten and share with my husband (don’t judge).

And then comes Tuesday afternoon. What seemed like a good idea in the heat of the midday moment sits in my stomach like a digestive gremlin. You’d think I’d learn, after a few Tuesdays, to avoid the temptation to overeat. But the problem is that it’s kind of worth it, to indulge in a craved treat on occasion. The trick is to manage the aftermath and ease my stomach through the ruins of Taco Tuesday as quickly as possible. This becomes possible with the help of certified organic essential oils.

N8 Essential’s fortifying and restorative Digest blend works like a charm to ease feelings of digestive discomfort after overindulging at the table. It includes four powerhouse oils to release feelings of discomfort from the gut: sweet and bracing organic peppermint, warm and restorative organic fennel, cleansing organic ginger, and the herbal therapy of organic basil. These oils combine to create a balanced and calming scent that help Taco Tuesday turn out in the end like any other weekday afternoon.

I use Digest at work by rubbing a dilution across my lower gut and back. This eases feelings of cramping and bloating and helps my muscles to relax. After massaging the oil into my skin, I cup my hands over my nose and mouth and breathe deeply for several minutes to further settle my stomach and aid digestion. When I’m home I love to add Digest to my diffuser with a drop of certified organic orange and rosemary and mist while I lie back and digest. It helps my body to relax and enjoy the occasional experience of indulgence, without needing to use all my focus on physical discomfort in my gut – and perhaps to even prepare for next week’s Taco Tuesday.

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