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Are you packing away your holiday decorations and taking down the lights? Wait! There is one holiday essential you shouldn’t pack up just yet—your certified organic Frankincense essential oil. Sure, this holiday superstar makes an excellent addition to a room’s seasonal ambiance, but Frankincense has aromatherapy staying power beyond the (relatively) short holiday season.

You may not know that Frankincense has concentrated power when applied topically or used for aromatherapy purposes in your home. It is a cathartic tool for feelings of relief from joint and nerve pain, works as your skin’s best friend protecting against the appearance of aging, and operates on a deep level to protect and promote overall digestive health. So step away from the bubble wrap and take a moment to learn how Frankincense could benefit your body from January to next year’s jingle bells.

Natural Skin Protection

Powerful Frankincense has long been a preferred ingredient for the best skin care. The compounds in this ancient oil are used to prevent signs of aging, minimize skin damage, reduce the appearance of lines, and prevent certain types of blemishes. Experts recommend diluting Frankincense with a natural carrier oil such as Rosehip (if you have oily-to-normal skin) or Jojoba Oil (for complexions on the dry side of the scale) and applying nightly after cleansing. Organic Frankincense, such as that sold by N8 Essentials, is especially recommended when used on a daily basis or over large areas of the skin as an extra precaution against introduced contaminants.

Frankincense for Pain Relief

Whether you are shaking off winter stiffness or stretching through a summer strain, you can use a dilution of Frankincense as a natural remedy to ease feelings of discomfort in your joints, muscles and nerves. This potent oil can be blended with Peppermint oil or Eucalyptus oil and gently massaged into stiff fingers, wrists and extremities for feelings of warmth and deep relief.

Settle the Gut

You may not know that Frankincense has aromatherapy power to ease feelings of discomfort in the stomach and digestive system. It can be used to augment other treatments to alleviate regular stomach upset and feelings of cramping in the lower gut. You can either dilute the oil and massage into the lower abdomen, or diffuse a few drops of essential oil blended with a complimentary companion such as Lavender essential oil, through an ultrasonic diffuser. Breathe deeply for aromatherapy effect.

So go ahead and take down the snowman decor for the season, but keep your Frankincense essential oil front and center for all-season health benefits using the natural power of essential oil aromatherapy. 

In a world full of plastics, paint and fiberglass it can be difficult to be a person with a passion for the truly authentic. But there is something so connecting about real wood, hard stone, veined leaf and soft petal that makes the pursuit worth the trouble. Exposure to the real elements of natural life create a meaningful connection that keeps you grounded to your reality … which is one of the reasons essential oils are so valuable physically, emotionally and spiritually.

But I was surprised to discover, a few years back, that one of the essential oils I’ve long known and loved was actually a complete imposter (of sorts). It’s wintergreen. I’d always grouped this sweet and mentholated scent in my brain along with mints such as the powerful peppermint. Then I found out the truth – this muscle-soothing and pain-reducing tool is NOT ACTUALLY A MINT AT ALL!

It’s not wintergreen’s fault, though, It’s mine. I’ve enjoyed the deep sweetness of this plant as a flavor addition to gum and candy … but it wasn’t until I began researching the source of the powerful natural constituents in certified organic wintergreen essential oil that I learned that the oil is actually sourced from the leaves of an evergreen shrub. Wintergreen has been used for centuries by tribes native to North America to help boost energy, tone the respiratory system and ease congested breathing. It is a natural antioxidant, produces feelings of energy and has immune-enhancing potential since it lowers inflammation and reduces pain.

The leaves of the wintergreen shrub in the wild are actually without taste or smell. But when the constituents in the leaves break down with heat, they take on a deep mentholated sweetness that rivals spearmint for its strength and aromatherapy satisfaction. Our certified organic wintergreen essential oil contains the active ingredient methyl salicylate, which makes up about 85 percent to 99 percent of the final essential oil. The potency and characteristics of organic wintergreen are too much for kids … keep it out of their reach and avoid exposure. But for healthy adults, this sweet and potent mint-like essential oil is the real deal … even if it isn’t the deal I expected.

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