A trip to the supermarket reveals an abundance of processed foods, pre-packaged meals and supplements with side effects a mile long (that aren’t very healthy). It can be a struggle to figure out what exactly you’re putting in your body when you use these products. Companies are trying to confuse us even more with marketing phrases like “all-natural,” “therapeutic grade,” “superfoods” and “artisanal” to hype their goods over their competitors.

The USDA Organic Seal means something. Actually, it means a lot. This USDA Certified Organic seal means the manufacturer has undergone an inspection process to ensure they are compliant with a strict set of requirements. Not only that, but it also means the manufacturer’s suppliers have gone through the same process, and so on throughout the supply chain all the way back to prior to planting. It’s a process companies that only promote their product as “natural,” “pure,” and other generic claims do not go through. Certified Organic products are the best assurance you can get to know that what you are using is not adulterated with of synthetic, often harmful chemicals.

So look for the seal. At N8 Essentials, all of our essential oil products are USDA Certified Organic. We also use Certified Organic Essential Oils and Carrier Oils in our CBD products and clearly state on the label which ingredients are Certified Organic for full transparency.

We want to help you understand the difference as we work to provide you with Certified Organic products and ingredients at non-organic prices. We think the cleanest, most natural products available should also be affordable, so we do not spend a lot of money on fancy advertising and impressive offices so we can provide you with the finest ingredients at a very competitive price.