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Uncover the healing potential of the best essential oils for digestion in USA with N8 Essentials. This collection of organic essential oils is crafted carefully from the finest plant-based ingredients and follows the best extraction methods. Support your gut health, reduce gas and bloating, and boost your metabolism with our potent natural extracts.

✅ Promote healthy digestion

✅ Reduce bloating and gas

✅ Soothe nausea and morning sickness

Our Range of Digestive Aid Essential Oils

Whether you have stomach issues like bloating and constipation or after a heavy meal, these premium organic essential oils for digestive health serve as an effective home remedy. At N8 Essentials, our promise is to blend the most sustainable and eco-friendly cultivation practices with cutting-edge and efficient extraction processes.

Our line-up of essential oils for gut health and metabolism includes sweet fennel, peppermint, ginger, sweet basil, thyme, clary sage, sandalwood, ginger, and lemon. Buy essential oils for digestive aid online from N8, and enjoy a marked relief from conditions and symptoms of nausea, gas, bloating, morning sickness, and stomach upsets.

Besides ensuring a host of health and wellness advantages the oils in this lineup have unique and distinct fragrances that fill any space with different aromas ranging from herbaceous, spicy, sweet, floral, and woody.

How We Make Them

Our constant focus at N8 Essentials is to bring you all-natural and USDA certified essential oils that are totally devoid of toxic chemicals and artificial preservatives. Our offerings match the highest standards of purity and quality and are made exclusively from plant-based and organic raw materials.

Sourcing the finest ingredients: Organic raw materials such as leaves, stems, fruit rinds, and roots are carefully selected from our cultivation farms in the USA and neighboring countries.

Robust Extraction Processes: We then subject the plant-based ingredients to extraction methods such as cold pressing and steam distillation to extract their main oil-producing compounds.

Repeated Testing: After extraction, each batch of essential oils is checked and tested rigorously and multiple times for quality and purity before being shipped to our customers.

Why Choose N8 Essentials?

  • Formulated with the most effective essential oils for digestive aid, entirely from organic ingredients
  • Spicy, herbaceous, woody, and minty fragrances that create relaxing and uplifting ambiances in your home or car
  • Rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics
  • Aids digestion, improves your circulatory and metabolic health
  • Soothes stomach issues like indigestion, nausea, morning sickness, bloating, gas, and stomach upset
  • Helps deal with acidity and vomiting, especially while traveling
  • Dries quickly, non-greasy, and easy to apply
  • Does not contain any toxic chemicals such as picaridin and DEET
  • Can be used topically and in diffusers
  • Can be mixed and matched to make unique home and car fragrances

How To Use Them

Topical Application: Dilute a few drops of your digestive aid essential oil blend and single oils with carrier oil bases like fractionated coconut, jojoba, or sweet almond, and massage them to your belly, abdomen, and chest to get relief from gas and bloating.

Diffuser: Diffuse the digestive oils of your choice to enjoy their aromatherapy health benefits along with their unique and refreshing fragrances. Use them in our premium diffusers for essential oils for the ultimate experience.

Steam inhalation: Add a few drops of your preferred oil or blend to a bowl of steaming water. Carefully bend over the bowl so that you can inhale the steam without touching it. Cover your head with a towel or cloth to prevent the vapor from escaping. Do this process for 5-minute intervals.

Points to Remember While Using

Use all N8 Essentials products exactly as mentioned on the label. In addition, keep the following things in mind.

  • Do not ingest or swallow our essential oils as they are for external use only.
  • Keep all bottles, diffusers, tinctures, and other accessories out of the reach of children.
  • While diffusing, make sure that you are in a properly ventilated space. Keep children and pets away from the direct line of the mist.
  • In case you are under medical treatment, pregnant, or nursing, take your doctor’s advice before using essential oils.
  • Conduct a patch test before extensive use. Apply a tiny amount of essential oils after diluting it to a small area of your skin and check for allergies and irritation.

It is natural to have doubts and queries before using essential oils and blends for the first time. Check out a few common questions you might have while you buy essential oils for digestive support online.


What essential oils help with digestive issues?

The best essential oils for digestion include peppermint, ginger, sweet fennel, sandalwood, clary sage, sweet basil, cardamom, thyme, lemon, lime, and vanilla. You can also try our DIgest Certified Organic Essential Oil Blend for comprehensive support to your gut health and metabolism.


What essential oils are good for gas and bloating?

The most potent essential oils for gas and bloating are peppermint, thyme, sweet fennel, ginger, sweet basil, and lemon. They also support several other digestive conditions and stomach problems.


Can I take digestive aid essential oils internally?

No, all our essential oils and blends are 100% pure and must be ingested or swallowed. They are for external use only. Diffuse them, apply them topically, steam inhale, or mix them into DIY household products to enjoy their benefits.


Can I apply your essential oils directly to my skin?

No, always dilute our essential oils with suitable carrier oils such as jojoba, sweet almond, or olive, and apply them topically or massage them to your body.


Does peppermint essential oil help with digestion?

Yes, peppermint stands among the best essential oils for digestive aid, and you can apply it topically, diffuse, or steam inhale it to enjoy its full benefits.


What essential oils help with constipation?

You can use several essential oils to ease constipation and poor gut health including ginger, peppermint, sweet basil, clove, sweet fennel, lemon, and cardamom.


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