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Liven up your spirits and clear your thoughts with the vibrant and floral aroma of the all-natural geranium essential fragrance oil. Besides being a favorite among perfumers for its crisp and rosy scent, geranium oil is also rich in health benefits such as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, mood-enhancing, and insect-repelling characteristics.

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Geranium is often called “the poor man’s rose” owing to its similar floral scent and its oil has been used widely by perfume makers as a substitute for the much more expensive rose oil. It is also used in soaps, body washes, scented candles, and DIY diffuser blends.

Just like this Geranium oil, all our offerings are prepared from the best quality essential oils in the USA with no synthetic compounds or chemical preservatives. In aromatherapy, geranium oil is effective in soothing anxiety, stress, and seasonal depression.

Geranium is among the most potent essential oils for bug bites. It also has several wellness advantages as it benefits lung health, digestion, hormonal balance, skin health, and a lot more.

Key Components of Geranium Essential Oil

  •  Bottle size – 15 ml
  • Best Use – Aromatherapy, skin care, respiratory health, immune aid, and insect repellence
  • Place of Origin – Egypt
  • Extracted from – The flowers and leaves of the Pelargonium x asperum plant
  • Primary Constituents – Citronellol (alcohol)
  • Extraction Method – Steam Distillation
  • Aroma – Sweet, floral, rosy

How We Formulate It

At N8 Essentials, we strive to bring you nothing but USDA-certified organic essential oils prepared from 100% plant-based ingredients. For the geranium oil, we choose the best quality of flowers and leaves and subject them through a process of steam distillation to extract Citronellol (alcohol), its oil-rich constituent. It is then separated from the vapor and packed into a handy 15 ml bottle you can carry and use anywhere.

Ingredient Used: 100% Organic Pelargonium x Asperum Oil

Why Our Customers Love It

Geranium oil, one of the best essential oils for room fragrance, also has a wide range of health benefits and other uses, making it a favorite among our consumers.

  • A sweet and uplifting aroma for a clear mind and cheerful spirits
  • Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties
  • Revitalizes your skin and aids healthy hair growth
  • Supports better breathing and clears throat congestion
  • Provides relief from digestive issues like gas and bloating
  • Works as an efficient repellent against insects like bugs and ticks
  • Adds a refreshing scent to homemade perfumes and colognes

Directions for Use:

  • Use geranium oil in a diffuser at home, office, or your car as a deodorizer and eliminate germs, bacteria, and fungi. Check out our range of the best essential oil diffusers
  • Dilute it with a carrier oil and use it topically over pulse points to reduce stress and anxiety and increase concentration.
  • Apply on the skin after diluting to treat acne, inflammation, and redness. You can also use it to soothe dry or itchy skin.
  • Diffuse geranium oil or apply it on your chest after diluting it to get relief from cough, cold, and throat congestion.
  • Spray on clothes, luggage, and other outdoor gear to repel insects. You can also apply it on your skin to soothe itchy bug bites.


  • For external use only: Do not ingest geranium oil.
  • Choking hazard: Keep it somewhere out of your children’s reach.
  • Make sure your surroundings are well-ventilated while using it in a diffuser.
  • Do a patch test by using a small amount on a tiny patch of your skin before widespread use.
  • In case you are under treatment, pregnant, or nursing, consult your doctor before using geranium oil.
  • All N8 Essential products are to be used only as instructed on the label.


You might have doubts and queries before trying new essential oils for the first time and therefore, we have answered some of the most common ones about geranium.

What is a geranium essential oil used for?

Besides its popular use in the cosmetics industry and aromatherapy, geranium is one of the most potent antibacterial essential oils for skin and body care, stress relief, respiratory health, digestion, and insect repellence.


Who should not use geranium oil?

People with over-sensitive skin or pre-existing conditions might develop rashes after using geranium oil. If you fall under this category, take your doctor’s advice before trying out essential oils.


Is geranium organic oil good for stress?

Geranium oil is known for its capabilities of relieving stress, overthinking, and hypertension. It also helps in calming the mind and enhancing cognitive functions.



Where do I apply geranium essential oil?

You can use geranium essential oil for body, hair, and skincare by diluting it with a carrier oil and applying it over the concerned body parts.


What blends well with geranium essential oil?

You can mix geranium oil with many other oils such as basil, lavender, grapefruit, jasmine, and bergamot essential oil. Check them out today.


What essential oil is good for the respiratory system?

At N8 Essentials, we offer several organic oils that aid respiratory health including geranium, basil, peppermint, eucalyptus, and sweet fennel. Try our all-in-one Breathe Easy Blend to get the combined benefits of the best essential oils in the USA.

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