N8 Humidifier Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser for Home and Office


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Transform your workspace with our essential oil diffuser that fits perfectly on your desk and creates an ambiance where serenity meets mental clarity and productivity. More than just an addition to your desk, it features seven color-changing light modes that liven up your room or office space.

✅ USB powered

✅ Works on laptops, desktops, wall chargers

✅ 7 color-changing modes

✅ 4 run-time options

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Certified Organic Essential Oils

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Our desk diffuser has a compact and elegant design that fits seamlessly into your workspace while you enjoy the refreshing goodness of your favorite essential fragrance oils. It is equipped with ultrasonic operating technology, ensuring a whisper-quiet operation that does not hamper your work.

This USB-powered desk diffuser for essential oils can run on your desktop,  laptop, power banks, and wall chargers and you can choose from 30, 60, 120, and 180-minute run times with the MIST button. It has seven color-changing light modes that change continuously in a breathing effect. Simply tap on the LIGHT button to keep it on your preferred color or tap once more to turn the light off completely.

Diffusing 18 to 20 drops of essential oil or blends after adding to water can impart noticeable fragrances for a reasonable time.


Key Features:

  • For use in – Home, office
  • Color –White
  • Diffuser Capacity – 100 ml
  • Power Source – USB
  • Controls – LIGHT button (changing and turning light on/off); MIST button (selecting diffuser run times)
  • Runtime – Options for 30, 60, 120, and 180-minute run times
  • Cleaning Directions – Use an alcohol-dipped cotton swab to clean the atomizer plate as needed.


Why Our Customers Love It

Enjoy the relaxing influence of your favorite organic essential oils while working from home or in your office.

  • Freshen up your workspace and eliminate unpleasant smells.
  • Enjoy the multiple health benefits of the essential oils of your choice.
  • Improve mental clarity and boost your productivity with increased focus and concentration. You can use our lemongrass, peppermint, sandalwood, grapefruit, and orange essential oils for the best results.
  • Infuse an enlivening ambiance to your workspace with seven lighting modes and use the static white light for reading and work.
  • Create customized fragrances by blending different oils with separate scents.


Directions for Use:

  • Fill the main container unit with water.
  • Pour in a few drops of the essential fragrance oils or oil blends of your choice.
  • Close the container securely to avoid spillage and leakage.
  • Connect the power cable to your laptop, desktop, charger, or any other USB power source.
  • Switch it on, set your desired runtime option on the MIST button, and you’re good to go.
  • Enjoy the aromatherapy and health benefits of your favorite organic oils.
  • Check the package for specific use and dilution recommendations.


Cleaning Instructions:

  • Gently open the container unit and clean the atomizer plate with an alcohol-dipped cotton swab.
  • Do not touch the atomizer plate or bring your hand in direct contact with essential oils.
  • Do not open or try to clean the diffuser while it is running or plugged in.



  • Keep the diffuser out of the reach of your children.
  • Get your doctor’s approval before diffusing essential oils in the presence of infants, pregnant and nursing women, and individuals under treatment.
  • Never use essential oils without diluting heavily with water. Do not add more than 20 drops in one go.
  • Do not mix unverified perfumes, medications, or chemicals.
  • Use all our diffusers and essential oils strictly as mentioned on the label.



Can I use an essential oil diffuser in my office?

Diffusing essential oils have many wellness benefits such as purifying the air, promoting relaxation, and increasing concentration. Check with your supervisors and co-workers before using an essential oil diffuser in your office.


Is it OK to sleep while the essential oil diffuser is running?

As long as you are using a high-quality diffuser and only organic and USDA-certified essential oils, you can use it for up to 180 minutes (3 hours) at a stretch while you sleep, work, or do other things. Do not diffuse essential oils for long hours without sufficient gaps.


Is it okay to use a diffuser near a computer?

Along with maintaining personal distance, make sure you do not keep your diffuser at a distance from electrical devices like computers, laptops, and printers.


How long does a 100 ml essential oil diffuser last?

The exact duration depends upon the frequency and amount of use. On average, a 100 ml diffuser can last from about 2 to 4 months on a single refill.


What essential oils can I diffuse on my desk?

You can choose from a wide range of floral, fruity, and spicy essential oils such as lemongrass, juniper berry, bergamot, lavender, sandalwood, orange, and peppermint organic oil to diffuse in your room or workspace.


How do I clean the N8 Essentials desk diffuser?

Open the large container unit and clean the atomizer plate with an alcohol-dipped cotton swab from time to time. Do not bring it in direct contact with your fingers.

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