Oil Blends

N8 Essentials offers blends certified organic essential oils so you know you are getting only the best at great prices. Certified organic essential oil blends are carefully processed at every stage to make sure you receive only high quality pure oils. Blends of oils are selected to provide an amazing fragrance as well as to target specific needs.

  • The Breathe Easy Essential oil blend is a 100% natural and potent formula for clear breathing and respiratory aid. With a lot of medicinal properties, this best essential oil blend can help you improve your immune system by protecting you from a blocked nose, easing sinus headaches, and alleviating cold & cough symptoms. ✅ 100% Pure & Organic ✅ Easily Absorbable ✅ Respiratory Aid
  • Enhance your well-being and stay in the pink of your health with N8 Essentials extraordinary Digest Certified organic essential oil blend. If your digestive system is giving you discomfort and uneasiness, try our skillfully formulated therapeutic essential oil blend. It is an excellent solution for digestive issues, bloating, upset stomach, etc. ✅USDA Certified Essential Oil ✅Digestive Aid ✅Easy to Use
  • Start your day with the right vibe and stay charged all the time with our N8 Essentials Energize Certified Organic Essential Oil Blend. This delightful citrus fusion can be your go-to for a natural energy boost whenever you need extra focus or are facing a tough day. ✅USDA Certified Essential Oils ✅Best for Aromatherapy ✅Boosts Energy
  • Boost your attention and enhance your productivity with the refreshing and earthy goodness of the best organic essential oils in the USA with our Focus Essential Oil Blend. Reduce distractions and discover an all-new level of concentration at school or work with this carefully crafted oil mix selected from the best natural ingredients. ✅ USDA certified ✅ Increases Concentration ✅ Relieves Bone & Muscle Pain
  • Say hello to the crisp and spicy fragrance of oregano, prepared with the best organic essential oils in the USA. Oregano oil is known for its antibacterial and antimicrobial characteristics and provides a wide variety of health and wellness advantages, besides aromatherapy and cosmetic use. ✅ Antibacterial properties ✅ Aids respiration and immunity ✅ Skin and body care
  • Discover a world where nature meets science with our Protect Certified Organic Essential Oil Blend. Prepared with the most potent essential oils for antibacterial and antimicrobial capabilities, it strengthens your body’s natural defense against diseases and germs and has a wide variety of skin and healthcare applications. ✅ Antibacterial and antifungal ✅ Supports the immune system ✅ Natural cleaner and sanitizer
  • Say hello to the deeply relaxing and calming aura of the best organic essential oils in the USA with our Tranquil Blend. Experience a natural relief from anxiety, daily stress, and fatigue, along with a marked rise in attention and focus. Use it topically or in a diffuser to experience multiple wellness benefits. ✅ Relieves stress and anxiety ✅ Promotes a deep, sound sleep ✅ Improves mental clarity


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