Syzygium aromaticum L 15ml

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Clove’s scent is spicy, warm and woodsy. It blends well with citrus, herb and floral essential oils.

  • FOR BETTER WELLNESS: May be used in a spray bottle or diffuser to support antimicrobial, antibacterial and help alleviate respiratory conditions
  • USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Our wide-ranging collection of essential oils are free of harmful chemicals and pesticides and are 100% USDA Certified Organic.
Fun Fact

Your dentist uses clove bud oil on a cotton swab to numb your mouth before giving you a shot.

· Origin:
Sri Lanka
· Extracted from:
clove trees also known as Syzygium aromaticum.
· Main Constituents:
Eugenol (phenol). Eugenol acetate (ester).
· Extraction Method:
Steam distillation


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