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Experience the strong and spicy scent of our Clove organic essential oil which is extracted from the clove buds and is rich in healing properties. Try this oil to improve your oral health, and skin health, and get relief from back pain and achy muscles.

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The clove tree is an aromatic plant mostly found in India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia, which is known for its anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and antioxidant properties. The organic Clove essential oil is extracted from fully matured clove buds, which are handpicked and dried before being sent to the distillery for oil extraction. Our clove organic essential oil is effective in easing pain in joints, back, etc., and is used for dental care to get relief from toothache.

The best organic essential oils that blend well with Clove oil are Bergamot, Cinnamon, YlangYlang, Clary Sage, Geranium, and Cinnamon Bark. The oil has a warm, stimulating, and spicy scent which reduces tension and aids in aromatherapy. 

The Key Components of Clove Organic Essential Oil

  • Bottle Size – 15 ml
  • Fragrance – Warm and Spicy 
  • Country of Origin – Sri Lanka
  • Extracted from Clove trees, also known as Syzygium Aromaticum.
  • Method of Extraction – Steam Distillation
  • Main Constituents: Eugenol (phenol). Eugenol acetate (ester).

Why Do Customers Choose Our Clove Organic Essential Oil?

The Clove Essential Oil is one of our best organic essential oils, extracted from the clove buds, and is known for its rich medicinal properties. Its rich aroma powered by antiseptic and antimicrobial properties makes it an ideal and natural remedy for various health issues. It has found its place in herbal skincare remedies, dental care regimes, and for relieving muscle pain.

  • Oral Health – This essential oil is useful in calming toothaches, relieving sore gums, and promoting oral hygiene. It has analgesic properties that aid in soothing tooth pain and its cleansing properties take care of oral hygiene. 
  • Skin Care – The topical application of clove oil turns out to be effective in deeply cleansing pores, preventing skin itching and redness. For glowing, natural, and radiant skin, this product is highly recommended. 
  • Respiratory Aid – The expectorant properties of this Clove organic essential oil help loosen phlegm and mucus and improve breathing. It is effective in reducing symptoms of respiratory conditions like bronchitis, cold, cough, and flu. 
  • Mental Health – The use of this oil has a stimulating impact on your mind, letting you out all of your mental fatigue, anxiety, and stress. It is, therefore, used in aromatherapy to promote mental wellness.
  • Insect Repellent – This also works as a natural insect repellent because of its insecticidal properties. Use it when you are outdoors to repel all types of insects like mosquitoes, ticks, flies, etc.   

Directions To Use:

  • Toothache: You can add 2-3 drops of this essential oil in water and gargle with it as a mouthwash. You can also soak a cotton ball with 1 drop of this Clove bud essential oil and apply it to the area of your toothache to get relief. You need to be extremely careful while using this as it can cause sensitivity and also avoid direct contact with the gums.
  • For Skin Care – Add 2-3 drops of Clove essential oil to your skin moisturizers, lotions, and creams and apply to your skin to enjoy its anti-acne benefits. 
  • For Home Fragrance – Add 3-4 drops of this best essential oil fragrance for home to a diffuser and keep it in a well-ventilated room to enjoy a calming and relaxing freshness around you.
  • For Aromatherapy – Carefully dilute our Clove essential oil with any carrier oil of your choice like grapeseed, jojoba, almond oil, etc. for aromatherapy in spas. 
  • For Respiratory aid – Inhale the essential oil through steam or vaporized water to open up nasal passages and improve breathing. 


  • For external use only.
  • Conduct a patch test before skin application. 
  • Avoid using it if you have gum bleeding disorders.
  • Always dilute before applying topically and steer clear of direct sunlight exposure. 
  • If pregnant or nursing, consult your doctor before usage.
  • Keep the essential oil away from the reach of the children.
  • Avoid contact with your eyes. 
  • The oil is highly concentrated and should not be directly applied to the skin.


Here are some of the common questions our customers raise before they buy organic pure essential oils in the USA.

What does clove organic essential oil contain?

Clove oil is made by extracting the essential oil from the clove buds of the flowers which contain Eugenol (70-90%), eugenol acetate ( < 20%), and caryophyllene ( from 12 to 17%). These three mainly constitute the oil’s main components. 

What is Clove essential oil good to use for?

Clove essential oil has been used for years as a natural remedy to cleanse the skin, get relief from toothache, support healthy respirations, manage pain, and improve mental health. 

How is clove bud oil different from clove leaf oil?

Although both are extracted from the clove plant, one from flower buds and the other from clove leaves, the two oils smell different. The clove bud oil has a sweet floral and warm scent, while the leaf oil has a spicier and stronger aroma.

Who should not use clove oil?

Oral usage of clove oil should be avoided for children. It is likely unsafe for them when applied to the teeth.

Which clove oil is the best?

Our N8 Essentials Clove Certified Organic Essential oil is one of the best-selling essential oils in the USA. It is made with 100% natural and organic essential oil. You can buy this premium quality essential oil from the online store easily.

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